July 2014

Lion Max took a trip from the east coast to visit some children at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital in July 2014. With Team Max Cure Superhero capes in hand, he joined some friends to serve smiles in the summer heat.

Jaida (8), Jordan (8), Chloe (8) -and the newest member (not pictured) Emily (8) have decided to take a stand against pediatric cancer.

Jaida (8), Jordan (8), Chloe (8) -and the newest member (not pictured) Emily (8) have decided to take a stand against pediatric cancer.

The Tucson Brownie Troop who has dedicated their service project to Dunk Your Kicks joined Lion Max and Little Lion Max (Jayden, a 6-year-old Chandler resident) and his sister (Angelisa, age 12) and handed out capes and other fun gifts to the kids receiving treatment that day. Troop leader Nicole Hopkins said “visiting the children and staff at Phoenix Children’s Hospital really helped our girls connect with their Take Action Project, and has given them renewed vigor in their desire to help these families. Meeting Max the Lion was pretty cool also. The girls really want to visit again and spend more time with the kids, and they ALL promise to sing this time!”

It was a privileged to watch the beauty behind their innocence, wanting to make a difference but too young to really understand. Little Lion Max and the girls were a bit nervous at first. Not fully understanding what these kids were at the hospital for, or what their exact purpose there meant, it was a little difficult at first to warm up but by the time everyone left, Chloe (age 8) even sang “Bumble Bee” for everyone. It was fun to watch children, parents, nurses and a big lion squishing “bees” with their hands and laughing!

Kiersten, a local Mom and Max Cure Volunteer also joined us. Even though she has never personally been affected by pediatric cancer, she makes it her mission to become a voice for these children. “For nearly two years I’ve been fighting for children with cancer, but I never had the opportunity to actually meet who I’m fighting for. When Erica invited me to join, I can’t deny how nervous I was!! I fight for these kids, because I’m a mother myself!! Our kids need more treatment options!!” She stated.

“Running races and raising awareness for childhood cancer is one thing, going in and spreading happiness with children fighting for their lives is another. So I took the advice I was given, didn’t put on my mascara and headed for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I walked through those doors and what I found was the most strong, brave and courageous little people I’ve ever meet!! No tears streamed my face, I was in awe of these kids spirit and strength!! They have more strength in their young years than I could gain in a lifetime!!”

IMG_3468It was a special day for us all at Max Cure and we hope we were able to give the same to the children we met. The Brownie Troop has set an aggressive goal so they may adopt families in our Roar Beyond Barriers Arizona program. We solute them and hope you will support them in their efforts.  To date they have donated 154 pair and have a goal to reach 5,000 which would support 3 families for 6 months.

Imagine living in a one-room apartment with five family members. In this family, the Father is disabled and the Mother has to provide for the children leaving her unable to find a job that will be flexible so she can support her family needs. (more…)

The pediatric cancer community through the Alliance for Childhood Cancer on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, went to Capitol Hill to meet with Senators and Congressmen from all 50 States. The Max Cure Foundation joined forces with over 60 other CAC2 organizations (The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer – A Collaborative Group) and other advocates from the childhood cancer community to both virtually and physically storm Washington, D.C. (more…)

Richard Plotkin, Vice Chairman of The Max Cure Foundation (MCF) visited one of the Roar Beyond Barriers, NYC, families during the holidays at their new home on Staten Island. The Christmas tree was decorated with festive and religious ornaments, signaling the joy and serenity of this holiday season and the hope along with the anticipated prosperity for the year ahead. Grace, age 9, had made the paper snowflake hanging from the ceiling over the tree. Her proud parents were all smiles as MCF brought gifts donated by a friend (who has requested to remain anonymous) of Max Cure Foundation for Grace and Nikki, her 8 year-old sister. (more…)


The Max Cure Foundation is proud to announce that we will be teaming up with the Hamptons Marathon this year and the Bridgehampton Half Marathon in 2015. The Hamptons Marathon gives 100% of their proceeds to different charities each year, and Max Cure is thrilled to have been selected as one of them for this year’s race.

Considering that David Plotkin, Max Cure founder, spent his summers growing up in the Hamptons, and also that Max spent many days recuperating from treatment in Amagansett, we are especially excited to return to our founder’s roots, the site of where it all started for our foundation. We know that we will have an enormous amount of support from our followers in that area, in addition to the support of the Hamptons Marathon, which is very pleased to have us at their events.

The Hamptons Marathon has invited Max Cure and to collect sneakers for our Dunk Your Kicks initiative on their packet pickup days and on the race days. The Dunk Your Kicks program has been crucial to our efforts over the years, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to further expand those efforts at the races in September of this year and May of next.

Through the Dunk Your Kicks program, the Max Cure Foundation will collect used sneakers from participants at the race. For each pair of sneakers donated, The Max Cure Foundation will receive up to $1.00 from an international shoe recycler called Rethink Nation. The sneakers will then be sold by Rethink Nation at an affordable price in developing nations, saving the shoes from landfills and putting them to good use. The money Max Cure receives through Dunk Your Kicks goes towards funding research for innovative medical techniques to fight pediatric cancer, and also to low-income families of children with pediatric cancer, whom we help through our Roar Beyond the Barriers campaign.

The Hamptons Marathon will take place on September 27, 2014 in East Hampton, New York. There will also be a half marathon at the event, with a 5K. You can register for both the 5K and the Hamptons Marathon at their website, where you can also find directions to the race. Packet pickup dates for the Hamptons Marathon will take place on September 22 and 23 on 140 W 72nd Street in NYC, and on September 26 and 27 at the Spring School in East Hampton. There will also be a 5K on race day, as well as a half marathon in Bridgehampton, New York in May 2015.

We look forward to seeing Max Cure supporters at the Hamptons Marathon and Bridgehampton Half Marathon, where we hope to make yet another stride in our battle against pediatric cancer.

Want to join Team Max Cure and run? We have a few bibs available but fundraising must be completed by August 15, 2014.  Email us here for more information.

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