January 2015

Alexis Jonathans daughterJPGSince our daughter Alexis’ diagnosis with DIPG, (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma), in April 2008, my wife and I have witnessed tremendous acts of kindness and humanity from total strangers on many occasions. When Alexis passed away in January 2011, the outpouring from across the globe comforted us and assured us that Alexis touched so many. (more…)

#1 disease relatedFor most people, the thought of your child being diagnosed with cancer is either too far removed from reality or simply a consideration beyond contemplation. With that being said, childhood cancer is in fact the number one cause of death by disease in the United States and not some far off concept.  (more…)

IMG_1338Caleb was an ordinary toddler brought into this world by two loving parents. Caleb was born in September of 2011.  He was a happy and healthy boy with parents who loved him dearly. For the first 16 months of Caleb’s life, things seemed pretty normal, then one day his parents were told their bouncing baby boy had cancer. (more…)

I want to introduce our followers to Jonathan Agin who joined The Max Cure Foundation (MCF) as of January 1, 2015. I met Jonathan as a result of our being members of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2).  I am a member as a result of MCF being one of about 74 pediatric cancer foundations, which are members, and Jonathan is one of 23 individual advocates.  We are both attorneys trained to advocate for our clients.  We also are both involved in advocating for children with cancer and their families, each of us having been directly affected by pediatric cancer.   (more…)