Dunk Your Kicks

Dunk Your Kicks is a unique fundraising tool where with your help, The Max Cure Foundation collects gently used sneakers and recycles them as affordable footwear in developing nations to raise money for families battling pediatric cancer.

Believe it or not, there are over 200 million pair of sneakers thrown away in US landfills every year. A majority of these sneakers have life left in them and have miles left to be walked. What if we told you, these sneakers can be used to raise money for pediatric cancer causes?

One of MCF’s main fundraising initiatives is Dunk Your Kicks, a national campaign which facilitates the collection of used sneakers by Rethink Nation, an international recycler who sells those sneakers to exporters/distributors which, in turn, sell the sneakers in emerging market countries as part of the Affordable Clothing Market.

MCF receives payment from the recycler up to $1.00 per pair of sneakers based on the quality of the sneakers collected. In addition to serving as a fundraising vehicle for MCF, Dunk Your Kicks helps the environment by keeping the sneakers out of landfills while, at the same time, creates tens of thousands of jobs globally and reduces the risk of disease in those living in developing countries who go barefoot. Dunk Your Kicks gives a 2nd and even a 3rd life to the sneakers that would otherwise end up, unused, in closets and ultimately thrown out.

You Can Dunk Your Kicks Anywhere!

Thanks to our tremendous group of supporters there are Dunk Your Kicks donation locations from coast-to-coast and we are growing every day. Visit our donation locations page, type in your zip code and find out where you can drop off your used sneakers today!

Don’t have a donation location near you? Start one! Becoming a Dunk Your Kicks official donation location is simple. Just visit the DunkYourKicks.org website and ask to Bring Dunk Your Kicks To You!

Still looking for more information? Download our Dunk Your Kicks Guide here. 

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