Family Support Application

Thank you for your interest in the Roar Beyond Barriers Program at the Max Cure Foundation. This program provides systemic financial assistance for families whose children are in active treatment for pediatric cancer diagnoses. The Roar Beyond Barriers program works by providing financial assistance in the form of check, and these are disbursed quarterly. When inducted into the program, your family will be eligible for the first quarter the family is inducted into.

Decisions based on the support your family receives is based on a ratio of your yearly family income as compared to the Federal Poverty Level; it is important that you honestly and accurately report your income and the number of persons in your household – if you need to make revisions please contact us.

Roar Beyond Barriers Application

Demographic Information

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Parent / Guardian Information

We provide email updates and reminders regarding financial aid and applications, email addresses are a necessity for better serving families.
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Mailing Address
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Parent / Guardian 2 Address
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Medical Information

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