Penny Wars: The Ultimate Battle Against Childhood Cancer

What is Penny Wars?

Penny Wars is similar to the Max Cure Foundation’s Change4Change fundraiser, perfect for indulging schools and offices with a bit of friendly competition while raising money for childhood cancer causes.

Download the Flyer Here.

How Does It Work?

Each group, team, school year, office department, dorm or athletic team etc. has a large, see through collection jar clearly labeled and placed in a central location.

Teams then compete to see who can fill their jar with the most pennies and the team with the most pennies at the end of the campaign wins…

There is a Catch and IT’S FUN!

The key aim (and the real fundraiser) is to sabotage the jars of your rival teams by adding larger coins or bills to THEIR jars which “scores” negatively against their collection.

For example – if your rival team has 100 pennies in their jar, and you add a $1.00 bill, you have wiped out their 100 pennies.

The goal is to cause your rivals to have a “negative” penny count at the end of the fundraiser. The team with the best total, even if it is a minus number WINS!

When the final donation is made YOU can choose whether to support childhood cancer research funding or the Roar Beyond Barriers program which provides financial assistance to low-income and military families who have a child battling cancer.

You can decide between positive penny points or negative penny points. Either way, you are helping fight childhood cancer. Click on the images below to download the customizable flyers we created to help you spread the word!

Making It Fun!

Everyone loves a good challenge, we suggest having a bit of fun throughout the competition and especially at the end. The whole point was a competition and if you play up to that, you will be sure to have more engagement and ultimately better results.

Maybe consider throwing a pizza party, or providing donuts for the winning team, but make sure to at least give a big CHEER to the WINNING TEAM!

The winners also get bragging rights for a while! At least until you run the fundraiser again!

How Long Should I Run a Penny Wars Collection?

It is usual to run Penny Wars over the course of a week. A deadline is set for the last day when the coins will be counted and totals for the jars – positive and negative, will be announced. However, you can choose to run your Penny Wars campaign for any length of time. If you choose to run a campaign longer than one week, we suggest that you empty the collection jars and tally the numbers at the end of each week.

Teams continue to monitor their own jar and those of their rivals adding pennies to their own and negative coins to those they feel may be “overtaking” them.

How Do I Make My Donation?

Making your donation to the Foundation is easy! You can either mail a check or donate online by clicking the button below or mail a check to:

The Max Cure Foundation
560 Sylvan Ave, Suite 1225
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

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