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Supporting Families Through Roar Beyond BarriersThanks to our amazing supporters, The Max Cure Foundation has been able to make a HUGE impact in a short period of time!

Family Assistance – Roar Beyond Barriers

Since its formation in 2009, MCF has contributed over $575,000 to families battling cancers in their children and young adults, including in excess of $300,000 through its Roar Beyond Barriers program.

Through the program MCF has assisted over 150 families in countless states throughout the U.S. where children are in active treatment for their cancers. The families are given gift cards from Walmart and Sam’s Club stores each month for necessities such as food and clothing. In addition, the Foundation provides back to school supplies for school age children enrolled in our program and their siblings as well as an emergency fund budget used in the event the family experiences a financial emergency such as the inability to pay rent, electricity or vehicle repairs.