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We at The Max Cure Foundation have seen firsthand the different ways in which access to nutritious food can change the lives of the families affected by cancer. The difference a specialized diet can make in the lives of so many families is truly remarkable.

When our Executive Director, Jonathan Agin’s daughter Alexis was diagnosed with an in operable brain tumor in April 2008, they left no stone unturned in their efforts to provide her with the best possible chances of survival.  This included switching her diet to almost exclusively organic products.  Organic products provide comfort in one respect of the fight against childhood cancer in that a parent or caregiver can have control over the ingredients that their child is eating.  Organic products provide a solid nutritional foundation for children being treated with cancer through the elimination of unhealthy ingredients.  This is an important component to providing children with cancer another chance for the best outcome.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce a partnership with Thrive Market! Thrive is a new online shopping club offering healthy foods and wholesome products at huge discounts. Their prices are typically 25-50% lower than retail. That means for the first time, organic, healthy foods cost the same price as heavily processed, conventional alternatives.

Instead of adding the typical retail markup on their prices, Thrive Market passes the savings along to their customers. Plus, they ship directly to your door — a huge plus when trips to the grocery store are difficult.  Like Costco, Thrive Market has a membership fee of $59.95 per year. But Thrive Market wants to give all of the families who are a part of our Roar Beyond Barriers program free memberships. In addition, each of the families within our Roar Beyond Barriers program will be enrolled in Thrive Market’s Spread the Health program., where they will receive $100 in stipends for purchases on the site. 

According to Thrive Market Co-founder, Gunnar Lovelace, “Spread the Health is an easy way for members to donate at checkout to those who need it. One hundred percent of the donations collected through the campaign go directly to a family in need, subsidizing their first four purchases at Thrive Market. It’s a really powerful way to create a matching grant program, so that the families who receive the donation end up paying for 50 percent of the food they order. It isn’t a handout—it’s a powerful, high-impact way to help set up a family for long-term success.” 

One in five families end up unable to put food on the table when their child is diagnosed with cancer. The largest material hardship that pediatric cancer cases experience is food scarcity. Understanding the need for nutrition at a critical time and in collaboration between Thrive Market and the Max Cure Foundation, plus the help of our generous supporters, we hope to provide enough stipends to each of our families so they are able to provide healthy and organic meals to their families and ensure that parents and children both can focus on recovery and not ravenousness. If you think you qualify for a free membership, you can apply directly at 

Your donations can support the Roar Beyond Barriers Thrive campaign and feed families in need who have a child battling cancer.

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