Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative

Prevention Is Possible. Will You Join Us?

For foundations such as ours, September is a time when we encourage people pay to tribute to the families, friends, professionals, and communities who are doing their part to cure and prevent childhood cancers. Every year, thousands of children across America are diagnosed with cancer, an often life-threatening illness that remains the leading cause of death by disease for children under the age of 15. And while the survival rates of childhood cancers continues to grow, the survivors often deal with side effects of their treatment that last well into their adult lives, sometimes causing lifelong complications.

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we encouraged everyone to educate themselves and also to work towards the goal of preventing childhood cancers so no family ever has to hear that fateful diagnosis again.

For the entire month of September 2020, Naturepedic, Earthkindinc, and Laurinex donated a portion of their sales to The Max Cure Foundation. If you can, we encourage you to support these businesses who are working hard towards a chemical free world for our children.

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