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On the eve of his fourth birthday, Max Plotkin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as B-Cell Lymphoma never before seen at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Max underwent two years of intense chemotherapy and is now considered a 12-year cancer survivor. The Plotkin family quickly learned about the lack of federal funding for childhood cancer research, and the financial strain families go through. As a result they decided to start The Max Cure Foundation.

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There are multiple ways you can support the Max Cure Foundation in our fight against childhood cancer. Please visit our fundraising page for ways to get involved, or make a donation today.

How To Help?

Start a Fundraiser
We have several fundraising opportunities that are easy for schools, organizations, and youth groups to raise money for childhood cancer programs.
Make a Donation
Every contribution matters. Thank you for considering a donation to MCF's general fund or help support a specific program.
Support a Fundraiser
Find a campaign and get involved. You can make a donation or get involved and help spread awareness in the fight against childhood cancers.
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You can support the Max Cure Foundation when you shop. Purchase from these stores and a percentage of your purchase will be donated back to MCF.
The Facts About Pediatric Cancer

43 New Children are Diagnosed Every Day

15,780 Annually
More than 15,780 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in the United States.
43 Daily
43 sets of parents are being told every day that their child has cancer.
7 Deaths Today
Seven children will die today, and every day, from cancer, until we find a cure.
71 Years Lost
Children who lose their battle against cancer have an average of 71 years of life taken from them.
Less Than 4%
Less than four percent of federal research funding is dedicated to childhood cancer-specific research.
No. 1 Cause
Cancer is the number 1 disease-related cause of death among children.

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In remembrance of a champion, a charitable person, and a loving grandfather.

Richard L. Plotkin

Advancing the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Our Programs

Our programs fund research for new and less toxic treatments for children with cancer, support families in need of assistance during their battle with childhood cancer, and raise awareness to the needs of those fighting pediatric cancers.
Roar Beyond Barriers
Max Cure provides financial support to low-income and military families who have a child battling cancer to help ease the burdens on the family while dealing with the diagnosis of their child. Since the creation of the program in 2011, Max Cure has raised over $850,000 and assisted more than 200 families in multiple states where children are in active treatment for their cancers.
Research Funding
Max Cure believes in funding innovative and novel childhood cancer research in an effort to find cures for the various forms of childhood cancer and to create less-toxic and more effective treatments for children and young adults diagnosed with cancer. More than $1.6 million has been donated, primarily to fund The Immune Cell Therapy Lab at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
Max Cure's leadership team, created by our late Vice-Chairman, Richard Plotkin and driven by our Executive Director, Jonathan Agin, is at the forefront of the childhood cancer advocacy community by relentlessly pursuing legislative and regulatory changes seeking to benefit children with cancer and at the same time, raise awareness to the needs of those fighting pediatric cancers.
Psychosocial care is a necessary part of any pediatric cancer treatment plan as families experience a wide range of stresses. Funds designated for psychosocial programs are used to provide families with access to counseling services, including psychiatric care and support-group activities as well as preparations for future visits and check-ins well beyond active treatment.
The Max Cure Foundation – Roar for a Cure for all types of childhood cancer.


1.6M $
Research Funding
850K $
Family Support Given
Years Operating

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