[gva_block_heading title=”How It Works” align=”align-left”]Every year more than 200 million pairs of shoes are discarded into landfills in the United States. A lot of them still have plenty of miles left in them. Meanwhile, millions of people around the globe go barefoot. They simply don’t have access to affordable footwear to protect themselves from injury and disease.

That’s where Dunk Your Kicks comes in!

We collect gently used sneakers and then those sneakers get sold as affordable footwear to people in developing nations around the world. For each pair of shoes collected, the Max Cure Foundation receives an average of $1 back. This money then goes towards helping families dealing with childhood cancer here at home.

Since 2011, Max Cure has helped more than 100 families in 17 States throughout the US. The money goes towards helping families with a child in active cancer treatment. The families are given gift cards for necessities like food and clothing. Additionally the Foundation provides back to school supplies for children in our program and their siblings, as well as an emergency fund used in the event the family experiences a financial emergency such as the inability to pay rent, electricity or vehicle repairs.[/gva_block_heading]

[gva_block_heading title=”How Do I Get Started?” style=”style-3″ style_text=”text-light”][/gva_block_heading]
[gva_icon_box title=”Step 1: Sign Up” icon=”gv-icon-600″ description=”Simply fill out the form below to get started. You’ll receive an email from us with a bunch of helpful information and a downloadable flyer. Once we get your information, we’ll send you boxes and posters (or you can use your own). Our boxes measure 18 x 30 inches and can hold up to 30-40 pairs of sneakers.” icon_position=”left” icon_width=”fa-3x”]
[gva_icon_box title=”Step 2: Collect Sneakers” icon=”gv-icon-1539″ description=”You can make your Dunk Your Kicks event as small or as big as you want. Each box holds up to 40 pairs of sneakers – so please pack them tightly. Remember, only athletic shoes and sneakers qualify for this fundraiser (no cleats, sandals, heels, or dress shoes please).” icon_position=”left” icon_width=”fa-3x”]
[gva_icon_box title=”Step 3: Shipping” icon=”gv-icon-944″ description=”SHIPPING IS FREE! When you are ready for a pick up, we will send you a prepaid shipping label to attach to your box. Just let us know where and when you’d like the box picked up and we do the rest.” icon_position=”left” icon_width=”fa-3x”]