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[gva_block_heading title=”Richard Plotkin” style=”style-2″ align=”align-left” subtitle=”MCF Vice Chairman”]MCF’S Vice Chairman, Richard Plotkin, translated the advocacy skills he developed over a 40-year career as a litigation lawyer to assist those advocating for children with cancer. Sadly, Richard passed away in September of 2019, following his diagnosis with cancer in January 2019.

Richard was credited with being a major factor in the passage in July 2012, of the Creating Hope Act, which incentivizes pharmaceutical companies to invest funds in drugs for rare children’s diseases, including cancer. In early 2014, Richard was told that he was solely responsible for obtaining from the FDA the first ever Compassionate Use Waiver for a combination drug therapy, which included an experimental drug, for a child with cancer.

Richard was also on various national Pediatric Cancer Advocacy Committees relative to his involvement with the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2) and otherwise. He consulted with Congress and the White House on pediatric cancer issues. Richard was often interviewed on the CBS Radio program, “People of Distinction”, syndicated nationally as to the work Richard was doing with MCF.

DECEMBER 4, 1944 – SEPTEMBER 4, 2019[/gva_block_heading]

[gva_block_heading title=”Jonathan Agin” style=”style-2″ align=”align-left” subtitle=”MCF Executive Director”]Jonathan Agin, a Washington D.C. attorney, joined the MCF team in 2015 as Executive Director. MCF received a grant from a Texas family to bring Jonathan on board for 2015 to assist in its mission of making a positive contribution in the area of childhood cancers. Jonathan has been a leading advocate for pediatric cancer causes since the death in January, 2011, of his four-year-old daughter, Alexis, to a rare form of childhood cancer. Jonathan’s advocacy work has encompassed many facets of the fight against childhood cancer.

His legislative advocacy has proven effective in the passage of several bills in a climate of congressional stagnation. Along the way, following Alexis’ death, Jonathan began to write and speak on issues impacting the childhood cancer community. Jonathan frequently interacts with members of Congress and their staff, the White House, as well as various regulatory agencies and other cancer foundations in an effort to improve the plight of children with cancer. A frequent contributor to the Huffington Post and as a guest writer in other media outlets, Jonathan has quickly become one of the most trusted voices in the childhood cancer community.[/gva_block_heading]

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