Roar Beyond Barriers Needs Your Help!

Roar Beyond Barriers Needs Your Help!

Imagine living in a one-room apartment with five family members. In this family, the Father is disabled and the Mother has to provide for the children leaving her unable to find a job that will be flexible so she can support her family needs.

Imagine a single parent household. A Mother or Father, Aunt or Sibling, raising three children and working three jobs.

Now imagine one of those children has cancer.

The Max Cure Foundation is here to make sure that these children and their families can look beyond the cancer with hope and a plan for a brighter future. Many families remain heavily burdened by the financial costs of their child’s illness.  In response to this problem, The Max Cure Foundation works to ensure that economic barriers do not prevent children with cancer from getting the care they need.

With the initiation of the Roar Beyond Barriers program in 2011, we are addressing the financial, psychological and educational needs of low income and military families battling pediatric cancer. More than 78 families nationwide have had daily stresses relieved so their child with cancer is able to put more energy toward healing. We also seek to inspire children afflicted with cancer to face the disease with courage, hope and most importantly, bravery.

We are driven to be the outspoken champions of children with cancer.  We work to ensure than economic barriers do not prevent children with cancer from getting the care that they need. Your donation of $50 or more will provide much needed resources to support our Roar Beyond Barriers program.

As an extra Thank You for your support, when you make a donation of $100 and above we will send you a Team Max Cure t-shirt. Please let us know if you choose to opt-out when making your donation.

Help us keep the Roar Beyond Barriers program alive. Make your donation today.

You can donate online at, or mail your check to the address below.

Each gift you make creates an opportunity to change lives. Please join with us in making this difference.

Thank you,
The Max Cure Foundation