Kevin Healy Joins the Max Cure Team

Kevin Healy Joins the Max Cure Team

Meet Kevin Healy – Newest MCF Team Member

The Max Cure Foundation is excited to introduce our newest Program Coordinator, Kevin Healy. He joined the foundation on July 6th and has shown tremendous passion for the cause and we have no doubt that he will be a very valuable asset in the fight against childhood cancer. Kevin’s enthusiasm is as contagious as his work ethic and he brings a smile to the face of everyone he meets. When you look up the term “go-getter” you will find his picture as he will stop at nothing in order to get the job done.  He fits perfectly within the MCF team.

Get to Know Kevin:

I’m a recent graduate of Fordham University, where I studied Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. While there I focused on international politics, nonprofits, and the intersection of Middle East and African politics and international aid and development. I’ve just moved from the Bronx down to Basking Ridge in New Jersey and intend on studying at Rutgers for a Masters of Public Administration with a focus on nonprofit management. In my spare time I can be found antique-hunting, trying my hand at fiction writing, and cooking anything and everything related to seafood.

Why I Joined Max Cure:

Coming from a background of volunteering and advocacy, I found the prior actions of Max Cure and the current mission that everyone at the Foundation is working to accomplish to be both inspiring and a good cause to work towards. For a first job out in the real world, the Foundation was welcoming and friendly, and I feel like I am working towards a worthy cause; this isn’t just a job but a pursuit. Without the effort of groups like Max Cure, it would be nearly impossible for parents and pediatric patients to individually seek access to new treatments and beat cancer.

What I Want to do for Max Cure:

I fully intend to bring the Max Cure Foundation into the forefront of patient advocacy, research fundraising, and family assistance in the pediatric cancer community. Seeking new and unique solutions to fund our efforts as well as trying to offer the most valuable and plentiful aid to our families in the Roar Beyond Barriers program is perhaps most important to me going forward. Furthermore, trying to make the organization more efficient in any way possible will allow us to devote as much as possible to our mission, and take us one step closer to innovative and safe treatment.

From all of us at The Max Cure Foundation, we thank you Kevin, for choosing to put your expertise and passion behind the pediatric cancer fight. We look forward to making a difference together!