John D. Herz Art

John D. Herz not only inspires the world through his pencil drawings, but now will be supporting The Max Cure Foundation (MCF) through his incredible gift. John always enjoyed drawing, but did not consider himself an artist. John never took lessons and drew occasionally as the mood hit him. Then on John’s 58th birthday, Nancy, his significant other and muse, as a surprise took John to an art store and had him pick out supplies, which became his birthday present. This gift sparked a passion for drawing and the search for the perfect subject. At the time, he had not picked up a pencil in over 8 years. John saw things differently, and his talent was taken to a whole new level. John had been an entrepreneur and had been in business over much of his life. During the last eight years John put all his energy into his artwork.
John had been looking for a charity to partner with – allowing John to donate a significant portion of the receipts from the sale of his artwork to that charity. John has a personal experience with pediatric cancer as a grandson of his dear cousin was recently diagnosed. After being introduce to Max Cure, and forming a relationship with Richard Plotkin, MCF Vice-Chair, and Max’s Grandfather, that given his family’s experience over the last year with Luke’s cancer, it was fate that brought him to MCF saying, “There is no greater cause that I could think to support than fighting childhood cancer and after learning about MCF, there is no better charity to align myself with.”
The relationship between John and MCF was formed, with both promising to make a difference in the world of pediatric cancers – fighting together a parent’s worst nightmare, a child with cancer. Payments are made to Max Cure Foundation, a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit corporation, with it retaining 30% of the proceeds from each Giclee and 50% of the proceeds from each poster sold to enable it to advance its mission for pediatric cancer.
The Max Cure Foundation currently offers three of John’s amazing works available for immediate purchase through website. If you prefer a different piece of John’s artwork not currently available for purchase online, you may contact us here for availability.
The Domino Effect Image
While visiting Mystic, Connecticut I came across a wonderful store named “Radio Waves.” The store sells a unique assortment of gifts and nostalgia. I loved the window display and took many photographs. When I looked at the images I saw a great still life drawing waiting to be rendered. The portion that I chose to draw has so many different textures, from the assorted wood grains, to a trumpet and a lampshade made of shells. I always like to challenge myself with my art and this challenge proved to be really fun.
Born Free Image
Not long ago I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful photographer, Stephen Lang. When he shared his images with me I was awed by many of them. These four beautiful stallions frolicking  really caught my eye so I made arrangements with the photographer to draw them.  When I consider a subject to draw it always has to bring out an emotion in me. The raw power of these horses and their majestic playground just grabbed me.
The Domino Effect Image
As an artist, I see this drawing as a portrait of men playing dominoes. Even though you can’t see their faces their hands tell their story. The wrinkles and age spots on two of the men’s hands and the smoother skin on the other men give a sign of their age. Hands can be as telling as a face. Skin texture is like a landscape, within the lines and wrinkles there are shadows and highlights.
Every month John will feature additional artwork available for a limited time to Max Cure supporters only. Stay tuned for more information, or click here to contact John about adding a piece to your art collection and support The Max Cure Foundation.
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