Max Cure Foundation Presents Check to Memorial Sloan Kettering for $285,000.00

This past Sunday, The New York Rangers honored Max and The Max Cure Fund on center ice in between periods. Max and I presented Dr. Paul Meyers, Vice Chair of Pediatric Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering with a check for $285,000. We presented it to him with one of Rangers’ greatest players of all time, Adam Graves, in honor of Henrik Lundqvist, The Rangers current Goalie- It was an amazing day.

For years I sat in that very arena and watched greatness from the seats. Be it hockey, basketball, concerts or the circus- Madison Square Garden is historic and well known for the first class events it houses. And, here I was on the ice, center court with my son Max, and the very doctor who diagnosed him, is currently treating him and will hopefully one day be responsible for curing him. Max was in front of me, Dr. Meyers was in between Graves and myself holding up the four foot check- it was surreal. I was surrounded by greatness!