My Hero

I remember receiving a call back on June 18th of 2005, that a childhood friend of mine by the name of Dean Clarizio lost his battle with stomach cancer.
He was a warrior and fighter to the end. He and I had lost touch over the years, yet that doesn’t change anything. He did not deserve to die. Does anyone? He was a son, a brother and a friend. If you go to his website you will see how brave he was and how to this day he will always be thought of as a hero.
I remember his wake. I remember saying goodbye and looking at him resting so peacefully. I was sad, and confused. At that time Cancer was so foreign to me.
At that point in my life, I was 34 years old, had a beautiful two year old son named Max, an amazing wife , Annemarie who was about to give birth to our second son to be named Alexander. Alexander was born on June 30, 2005.
It never occurred to me then, that in two years time, from the day Dean lost his battle to cancer, we were going to begin ours……
In life we all have heroes. Some are make believe and some are as real as the day is long. Heroes do exist, and they do walk amongst us, sometimes we just need to be reminded as to who they are.
In the first year of Max’s diagnosis, it became clear that my youngest son, Alexander who was only two at the time, lived with his true hero- his big brother Max.
And so I wrote a song called “My Hero”. I just posted it It is one of my favorites. It will be posted until Sunday night and then it will be removed until the album release.
“Be a hero to someone today and make a difference in their life”
Have a great weekend-