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Make a Difference Amagansett
July 20, 2009
Dear Editor:
Thank you for featuring the article on July 16 titled “Different Backgrounds, Shared Goal.” It was about the Max Cure Foundation for pediatric cancer causes, our family, our mission, and our joining with the Stewart family to battle the disease that is afflicting our children Max and Katy. We are honored that you gave us the opportunity to share with you and your readers our vision and goals.
I am grateful to the Town of East Hampton for allowing us to hold our first annual Roar for a Cure carnival, where net proceeds will go toward underwriting a research lab at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center dedicated to finding treatments and cures for pediatric cancer.
I am honored and humbled that so many friends and supporters have joined our team to benefit Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center, and also to help the Stewart family during this difficult time while Katy undergoes treatment. It is important that we surround ourselves with people who care and want to help. It is important to remain positive. That is what gives us strength. That is what gave me the strength after learning about Max and his cancer. Our family is fortunate to have met the Stewarts. I do, however, wish it were under different circumstances. Like Jim Stewart, I would do anything for my family. If I could have changed places with Max, I would have readily done so the night I learned of his diagnosis. Jim and I spoke about this. He would have traded places with Katy, too.
I have spent over a decade working as an equity trader in the financial markets. I would wake every weekday morning to the stress of wondering whether or not I made the right investment decisions, or “bets,” the day before. I would wait anxiously for the markets to open and focus my attention to the blinking stocks on my screens and to the other traders around me. It is easy to forget about the important things in life when we are so focused on our day-to-day business.
That all changed for me on May 2, 2007. “It’s malignant” were the two words that the oncologist told us, after a biopsy of Max’s arm. From that day on my perspective on life changed. When Jim and I first met just weeks ago, there was an instant bond between us. I looked into Jim’s eyes and saw me in him two years ago when we had first learned of Max. I knew what he was going through. Not many people do. It was my goal that day to share with him our experience, with the hope that it will give him the strength to remain positive and to keep the faith.
I am proud to have met Jim, Brigid, Katy, and Robert and look forward to a special friendship with them in all the years to come.
It is my hope that our first Roar for a Cure Carnival brings the entire Hamptons community together. Together, we can make a difference in battling this potentially lethal disease. And together, we can help Katy and her family.
Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Let’s roar for a cure together.
Kindest regards,