2017 Roar Beyond Barriers Impact Report

2017 Roar Beyond Barriers Impact Report

In 2017, the Max Cure Foundation was able to disburse $68,290 in financial assistance through the Roar Beyond Barriers Program. This covered a total of 53 families across 11 states, especially in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio, the three of which made up 51% of the total population of the program. Of these funds, $1,050 was directly paid to families in emergency situations who requested help from our Emergency Grant Fund, which helps families in critical situations where utility service, rent, or other important bills require payment. A further $10,400 was paid directly to families by means of check, and $52,840 was given to families in the form of Wal-Mart gift cards, which are also usable at Sam’s Club stores across America. In all, families across 20 states and counting over 150 have been assisted by the Roar Beyond Barriers program since inception, and over $500,000 has been given to families to-date across our financial assistance initiative.
“On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for the generous gift cards, school supplies, and cleaning products that have been sent to us from Max Cure Foundation. It has helped tremendously, and we are so very appreciative! My son Braeden is still receiving chemo at CHOP and it’s been a long road for him. Thank you for thinking of our family during this time.”

At the beginning of the year, Max Cure Foundation received a grant from apparel company Love Your Melon, which provided Max Cure with $50,000 to help families across the nation, specifically to help both low income and first responder families, such as U.S. Army service members or NYPD detectives which we assisted throughout the course of the year. In prior years the program has been supported by organizations such as the PNC Foundation and the Richard S. Reynolds Foundation, and Love Your Melon’s support helped support the program throughout the year.
“I have to say The Max Cure Foundation has over the top out done themselves. We came home to a delivery at the door and I said to myself what the heck did my wife order now and didn’t tell me about. Then I saw the return address, unknowing and unexpected delivery I think to myself these guys have already out done themselves to our family with the gift cards which in my opinion is well above and beyond. We see what’s in the box and again I think, a group of people who care beyond anyone’s beliefs. I can’t express in words because the email would be pages long how much just the gifts cards help us out, I thank the foundation a million times over for the help and the school bags are just an over the top show of care from the foundation.”
Other companies such as Alex Brand Toys, serving as our Ambassador of Play and supplying families with age-appropriate toy-bags, or Berkeley Green, providing our families with baby-safe and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to ensure the health of the family in a clean environment, and Kraftlove, which provides seasonal arts and crafts in tidy and convenient carrying cases.
“Faith would like to thank Alex brand toys and Max Cure for all they do for her. It was such a nice surprise. She is so excited to try out her new stuff. Thanks for the smile on her face.”
Whether ensuring that a single mother has enough money to make rent for the month when her car breaks down at the same time, when a family of 7 needs to put food on the table and can rely on gift card support to ensure the children are fed, and when a child feels joy to see an arts-and-crafts package in the mail to alleviate the boredom and fear of treatment, Max Cure Foundation hopes that those who see our impact across the country can find it in their hearts to support the program and those families who benefit from it.

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