Meet Christian

Felipe & Christian Ramos RBB NYCFrom his family: Christian was very cheerful, loved to play with his brothers and sister in school and was a fast learner. He was very intelligent, strong and very friendly, but when he was diagnosed with Leukemia, he became sad and annoyed because he couldn’t do things he could do before. He began his chemotherapy immediately, which made him very sick.  The treatment was for 5 months, and we were happy to learn that Christian was in remission, but soon after he relapsed. Now Christian needs a bone marrow transplant, and luckily his brother Brandon is compatible with him and can donate his marrow. Brandon is extremely happy that he can help his older brother. It is heartwarming to see how his 2 younger brothers and little sister have helped Christian through this.  They are always there for him when he needs something. We are grateful to the Max Cure Foundation for their support through this difficult time.
Sadly we lost Christian to the disease on August 8, 2013 at the young age of 11. This picture was taken approximately 6 months prior to his death. We will always remember your smile. Be Brave Christian.