The Echo

“This past Saturday night I felt as though I walked out of a time machine and found myself back at Harry’s Bar at Syracuse University somewhere between the years 1990-1994.
It was quite the reunion, a fun night and I have just finally recovered. My body just ain’t like it used to be. I must say that many of the ladies looked as though they have not skipped a beat. The men, well we can all afford to shed a few pounds.
Although nostalgic most of the night, with all smiles, there were moments when reality hit me dead square in the gut. Two years ago that night, Annemarie and I were trying to digest the news that we had just heard hours earlier. Two words that no parent should ever hear. “It’s malignant”. It is now two years later. I hear those words every day in my head. They appear much like an echo at the other end of the tunnel. So much has transpired in all of our lives since those good old days in college. But one thing is for certain, we have all had our trying times. We have all been faced with some type of obstacle in the past umpteen years that has made us rethink who we are, and where we are headed in life.
I am not quite sure where this path will lead me, but I am quite certain that Max and his courage has had a positive impact on those that have come to know him. He should be proud. I am.”