Two Years and Two Days Ago

On April 25th 2007 Max fell in the playground. Two days later, Annemarie and I were in the Hospital For Special Surgery staring at an x-ray of Max’s right arm. He was in the nursery room playing blocks with a nurse as if it were any other ordinary day. I remember thinking that his arm, the bone looked like a white curtain with thousands of moth bites. The bone of his left arm was completely white, and healthy. Then the shocker. The head surgeon said, Max will need a biopsy , and that we should make an appointment to go to Memorial Sloan Kettering first thing the following week.
This was Seven hundred and thirty two days ago, 17,568 hours ago , 1,054,080 minutes ago. I was speechless and numb. I spent the next 72 hours searching the web, and praying. I felt as though I was in a dark tunnel, there was no sign of light, and I was trying to get out—-
Today, I am wiser, stronger and perhaps a better person than I once was. As we anxiously await the birth of our new daughter, Ella, I reflect on how far we have come in the past 1,054,080 minutes. We are thankful that Max is doing well. He has been a warrior and forever my hero. He is turning six and Alexander is going to be four. Max was then three and Alexander one. In July his treatment will end. I pray that he will never have to go through that ever again.
731 days ago, I made a promise. And, because of that promise, The Max Cure Foundation is on route to do some amazing things. I thank you all for your continued support and prayers.
July 18th 2009 at The East Hampton Indoor Outdoor Tennis Club we will be having a carnival day with rides, games, clowns, live music, food and drinks to kick off the First Max Cure Foundation Event. Stay tuned.

For years I sat in that very arena and watched greatness from the seats. Be it hockey, basketball, concerts or the circus- Madison Square Garden is historic and well known for the first class events it houses. And, here I was on the ice, center court with my son Max, and the very doctor who diagnosed him, is currently treating him and will hopefully one day be responsible for curing him. Max was in front of me, Dr. Meyers was in between Graves and myself holding up the four foot check- it was surreal. I was surrounded by greatness!