Holiday Cards Raise Money For Pediatric Cancer

Holiday Cards Raise Money For Pediatric Cancer

Holiday GivingImagine if a holiday card, a birthday card, or any card could change the world? Imagine that you could create a moment, in todays fast past world, where you can give someone a reason to slow down and enjoy the luxury of opening a card…Imagine too that this card would give $1 to the Max Cure Foundation.

Hard to believe? Check out CARDS CREATING CHANGE, an incredible company that donates $1.00 of every card sent ($2.99) to the charity of the sender’s choice. This holiday season C3 has decided to give even more!  Through the end of December, every card purchased using code MaxCure, $1.50 will be donated to The Max Cure Foundation.

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Stephen Potchatek, CCC Founder, combined his love of beautiful greeting cards with his passion to make a difference in the world and created CARDS CREATING CHANGE, a downloadable app and interactive website that offers personalized greeting cards of which $1 of every card ($2.99) is donated to the charity of the person’s choice.

Stephen first heard Max’s story on the Today Show and recounts his decision to include MCF in his mission.

“I knew by the end of the introduction video, I needed to become a part of the Max Cure Foundation! Like Max, I too have survived and like Max, my mission is to help others in the way I was helped. I know his ‘story’ it is my ‘story’!

Owing my life to non-profits of all shapes and sizes, I am on a mission to meet one of the most critical needs facing non-profit organizations… unrestricted funding. I imagined a participation fee free, hands-off, volunteer hour free solution that can be maximized by doing exactly what organizations do today… Communicate with their supporters and friends via email, mail, and social media. I co-founded NJAC Group, LLC and we developed Cards Creating Change, a smartphone app that allows you to send a REAL gallery quality greeting card right from your phone for only $2.99 (plus tax and postage). I am proud to donate 30% of the purchase price or $1.00 to our non-profit partners. Again, like Max, we have an aggressive goal of providing $40MM of unrestricted to funds over the next 5 years.

A few weeks after initially contacted MCF and while reading Facebook, I came across an article about little Josh. As I was reading, I learned that Richard had made the call to offer the money to save Josh! I want to be a part of that kind of change. I want to know that I have done what I can do to help MCF do what you do!! This app is so exciting, I am loving sending cards and creating connectedness. My whole life has been about connectedness and service. Cards Creating Change does both!”

Don’t imagine any more…Send a card for birthdays, holidays, to say hello…whatever the reason, we invite you to create a moment and bring a smile to a friend or loved one while supporting The Max Cure Foundation. The process is simple:

  1. Go to your App Store on Apple or Android devices;
  2. Search for Cards Creating Change;
  3. Download the App;
  4. Type in MaxCure for your charity;
  5. Start sending cards today!

graphicIn today’s fast paced world, think of the moment you create for someone when they open a card and hold a luxurious personalized card…Think of the smile, the opportunity to slow down, even for one minute, to enjoy the personal message. With this App you can do just that with the ease of your mobile device and give back to The Max Cure Foundation with every purchase. Download Cards Creating Change today and make someone smile tomorrow.