The Brave Xavier

The Brave Xavier

Just like most nine-year-old kids, Xavier, a 4th grader from Staten Island, is energetic and fun-loving. His interests include video games, arts and crafts, engaging in playtime with his peers, and playing games on his iPad.

However, on July 13, 2019, Xavier and his family received news that changed the course of his and their lives. His mother noticed that his normally full-of-life disposition had been replaced by a decreased energy level and that Xavier, who has been described by his mother as a “good eater” now barely wanted to eat his dinner. He no longer had the desire to go play outside with his little brother and instead preferred to stay inside.

Xavier had started to appear pale, had begun vomiting, and developed a fever. Xavier’s mother decided that it was time for a trip to hospital to figure out what was going on. There, the doctors found that he had swollen glands, discovered that he was also experiencing back and hip pain. A rapid strep test came back negative, so the doctors prescribed Xavier amoxicillin and got to work investigating what could be the cause of Xavier’s symptoms. The official diagnosis came back as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Xavier is undergoing chemotherapy and the course of his treatment is expected to be 3 years. Since his diagnosis, Xavier has not been able to do many of the things he loves, including attending school or participating in physical activities with his peers. These days it is much harder for Xavier to be the “normal kid” he has always known himself as and he has experienced a decrease in his self-esteem and self-confidence, despite the bravery he has shown in fighting the long and tiresome battle of cancer. However, Xavier continues to fight his battle against Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with the support of his mother, his siblings – Joseph, 24, Michael, 16, Gabe, 7, and Delilah, 2 – and his cousins Dominick who is 13 years old and Nancy who is 11 years old.

This blog was written by Junior Board member, Carly Rinehart

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This article was drafted by Max Cure Foundation Junior Board Member Carly Rinehart.