September 29, 2020
childhood cancer awareness

Admirable Aliza

Aliza is an active 12-year-old who loves to be with her friends. When it’s warm outside, you can find her outside, usually playing archery, softball, or […]
September 28, 2020
childhood cancer awareness

Lionhearted Lucy

Lucy lived a very traditional life with her family. She was a normal young girl who loved softball and had a great sense of humor. She […]
September 27, 2020
childhood cancer awareness

Beloved Benjamin

Just like any other 6th grader, Benjamin loves playing video games, going to restaurants, playing with dogs, and traveling. He lives in North Carolina with his […]
September 26, 2020
childhood cancer awareness

Legendary Logan

Logan started to experience extreme leg and back pain which led to multiple trips to the emergency room. He was later transferred to Norton Children’s Hospital […]
September 22, 2020
childhood cancer awareness

Effervescent Emmah

Early May in 2018, Emmah was brought to the emergency room by her parents, Tamarah and Jason. After multiple scans and tests were run, her parents […]
September 18, 2020
childhood cancer awareness

Cheery Charlotte

Every single night before 4 year old Charlotte’s parents tuck her into bed, they lean down and say to her, “Who’s the girl that’s kicking cancer’s […]
September 17, 2020
childhood cancer awareness

Noble Nolan

Nolan is a 5 year old who loves to play with barbie princesses with long hair, dinosaurs, coloring, painting and playing with his dad,Mario. Nolan is […]
September 14, 2020

Beaming Benjamin

Benjamin is an adorable six-year-old. The son of Gabrielle and Charles, and older brother to Brandon, who is three-years-old, Benjamin loves to cook, bake, and play […]
September 11, 2020
childhood cancer awareness

Mighty Micah

Micah is a five-year-old ball of energy! He is only in preschool/kindergarten and is already more tech-savvy than most; he loves to play Minecraft online. He […]